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January, 2017

The Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre (HKHTC) has proudly entered our 7th year of operation in 2017 and our core mission of promoting Holocaust education and awareness, while advancing tolerance among different peoples is now more important than ever.  

With the generous support of our individual and institutional donors, 2016 was a landmark year for HKHTC.   The reach and impact of our Educational Programming was expanded and, once again, we organised a series of highly meaningful, well-attended Holocaust-themed Events & Exhibitions. 
Below is a recap of highlights:

I. HKHTC Educational Programming about the Holocaust and Tolerance in 2016

  • HKHTC arranged school visits by 11 Holocaust scholars and educators who spoke to over 8,000 students and community members from late 2015 thru December, 2016.
  • 12 workshops on teaching the Holocaust were held with 189 teachers.
  • Simon Li, a Canadian-trained historian who speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English, was appointed HKHTC’s new Director of Education in August.  Simon has extensive knowledge about genocide and he previously was Senior Lecturer at a higher education institute in Hong Kong. With Simon’s appointment, HKHTC is increasingly engaged with local Chinese-speaking students, while deepening its work with international schools and students.
    o    Since joining HKHTC, Simon has already created two special Holocaust workshops and presented them to over 300 students at international and local schools in Hong Kong.
  • Bilingual English/Chinese materials are now a key component of HKHTC’s educational work.
  • HKHTC is working with different Hong Kong schools on the visits they are arranging for their students to visit Auschwitz and other important Holocaust-related sites in Poland.
  • HKHTC and the Documentation Center of Cambodia co-produced an educational film about the Cambodian genocide.  We plan to debut this film in Hong Kong schools this year.

II. HKHTC Events and Exhibitions in 2016

  • United Nations Holocaust Memorial Day (UNHMD):
    Consistent with each year since 2012, HKHTC hosted and organized the annual UNHMD commemoration. Dov Landau, a Holocaust survivor was flown in from Israel to be the keynote speaker at the well-attended ceremony and speak to students at 8 schools and universities.  Dov also spoke at a special event and dinner at Asia Society Hong Kong Center, hosted by its Chairman Ronnie C. Chan.  Nearly 2,000 students and Hong Kong community members heard Dov speak!  (January)
  • Yom Hashoah:
    The moving 2016 Yom Hashoah ceremony was hosted by HKHTC and led by Elsa High School students at the Jewish Community Centre (JCC).  Silvain Gilbert, Holocaust survivor and long-term Hong Kong resident, spoke to 150 students at Elsa following the commemoration.  (May)
  • Visit by Nobuki Sugihara, Son of Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese Diplomat Named Righteous Among the Nations for Helping Thousands of Jews Escape Nazi-Controlled Lithuania:
    Nobuki Sugihara spoke to over 1,200 students at 8 high schools and universities and at events at the JCC and The University of Hong Kong (HKU).  Chairman Ronnie C. Chan also hosted Nobuki at a major Asia Society Hong Kong Center luncheon, co-organised by HKHTC.  (September)
  • “Asian Righteous Among the Nations” Exhibition:
    Created and organised by HKHTC, this exhibition was displayed at HKU in conjunction with Nobuki Sugihara’s visit and it described Asian rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust.  (September)

As you can see, the HKHTC has been very active!  HKHTC programming has also been prominently featured in major articles in South China Morning Post, Ming Pao and other local Chinese and English media.  Our Y2017 plans are even more ambitious, starting with the special January visit from the Netherlands by Holocaust survivor, Mr. Micha Gelber. Micha was the keynote speaker for 2017’s UNHMD ceremony and he spoke to thousands of students at many local schools during his one-week visit, which was arranged and hosted by HKHTC.  Many other special events and programmes are planned throughout the year.

In order to ensure HKHTC goals continue to be met, we ask those who support our mandate consider donating to help fund our programmes.   We would be grateful for your support, however generous or modest, of HKHTC’s important projects.  This includes enabling HKHTC to continue arranging and hosting visits by survivors while they are healthy enough to travel long distances and still are able to share their first-hand accounts of the Holocaust with the Hong Kong community.

Below is information on how you can make your tax-deductable donation in Hong Kong or the US.  We pledge to always minimize costs to the extent possible and focus fund utilization on the most effective programming about the Holocaust and tolerance.  We would also be delighted to speak to you about sponsoring specific projects that may be of particular interest or any other queries you may have.


Jeremy Amias 

Glen Steinman

To download this HKHTC 2017 Annual update as a PDF, please click here.